By Kyle Petersen

Juggling knives are one of our most popular products. However, knife juggling can go terribly, terribly wrong. Here’s a list of 8 people who probably should not be juggling knives.

The hilarious photo of the juggler shaving is Paul Isaak – Make sure to check him out.

  • Trey Wedge

    I have to disagree, but of course that’s what you wanted. I think if any oppressed or protected class should juggle knives, it should be pirates. They don’t seem to mind the occasional loss of a hand or other body part, and they do so much charitable work with parrots.

  • DubeAdmin

    Thank you for your respectful commentary. While we don’t agree with pirates juggling knives, we appreciate you expressing your viewpoints here.

  • SkippD

    Pirates and knives seem to go together so well.

  • Fenix

    Why should guys in heels not be juggling knives? Doing anything in heels is always harder (except perhaps walking up stairs) so I’d think that as a performer, making things harder is always a good thing.

  • TheGPC23

    For that matter, if pirates…why not Abe Lincoln? I guess it would technically be Abe Lincoln’s ghost, which might actually be a more compelling reason to allow such activities. 

  • janet wolfman


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