New Kendama in our NYC showroom

You asked for it and we delivered! Dubé Juggling is proud to announce our new line of kendamas, the popular Japanese skill toy. We are the only store in New York City offering a full line of kendamas, but if you don’t live nearby, don’t panic. You can order online here.

Below, check out some of the world’s best kendama players, brought to you by Kendama USA!

Last week our good friend Marcus Monroe brought his one-man show back to New York City for a two-day run. Described by many as the Patrick Ewing of jugglers, Marcus combines skilled juggling with his trademark off-beat sense of humor and charm. Take a look!

Marcus Monroe: The Patrick Ewing of Juggling

By Kyle Petersen

While many unicyclists are treated as second-class citizens, it’s easy to forget that some unicyclists are risen to the height of power. Here’s our list of 8 unicyclists in positions of authority.

Who knew that juggling was part of super hero training? Check out these 6 fantastic images of super heroes juggling!

We are proud to announce our newest product: The Knorch! It is a knife and a torch fused together with the power of tape. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Photo via RecordSetter

By Kyle Petersen

When you combine juggling and jogging, you get joggling. When you combine juggling and and triathlons, you get Joe Salter. Last month the avid juggler was recognized by RecordSetter as the first person to complete a triathlon while juggling. First, Joe managed to swim .25 miles while maintaining an over-the-head cascade pattern. Then, he cycled a distance of 16.2 miles while juggling two balls in one hand, steering with the other. Finally, Joe joggled 4 miles to complete the feet. Congratulations Joe, we salute you!

By Kyle Petersen

Unicyclists: why do they have so much appeal? What is it that makes riding a unicycle so sexy? Dubé Juggling is here with a list of the 10 most eligible unicyclists. Did your favorite unicyclist make the cut? Let us know in the comments below.

By Kyle Petersen

What’s the most popular thing in the world right now? No, not juggling. That’s right, memes. Memes have taken over the internet. Go do your Facebook page. You will see at least three LOLCats plus a handful of “what my friends think I do/what I actually do” posts. We’ve gotten in on the action, presenting our list of the Top 8 Juggling Memes:

Do you have any juggling memes of your own? Send them to us!

By Kyle Petersen

Juggling knives are one of our most popular products. However, knife juggling can go terribly, terribly wrong. Here’s a list of 8 people who probably should not be juggling knives.

The hilarious photo of the juggler shaving is Paul Isaak – Make sure to check him out.

Cyrille Humen

Yesterday, internationally recognized contact juggler and poi spinner Cyrille Humen stopped by our showroom in Downtown Manhattan. Cyrille, a native of Switzerland, will be giving a series of workshops in New York City this week. Click below to see what happened when Cyrille visited our showroom!

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