handles, knobs, ends and trim tape for clubs

Handles, Knobs, Ends, Trim Tape for European Clubs

The handle redecoration kit consists of 1 precut handle and tape tabs for one club. Trim tape is sold separately in full 36 yard rolls in two widths: 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch (both sizes are used on each club). The 1/2 inch width roll decorates approximately 42 clubs; the 3/4 inch width roll decorates approximately 220 clubs. All tapes, knobs and ends are available in Black or White. Please specify colors for arcs, handles, tapes, knobs and ends. Click here for color and pattern selection.

#0199  Handle Decoration for European Club  $3.50 ea.
#0193  Knob (with stainless steel screw/washer)  $4.00 ea.
#0187  Tapered End (1 5/8" - Clubs made 2019-2021)  $3.50 ea.
#0196  Tapered End (1 3/4" - Clubs made 1975-2018)  $3.50 ea.
#0188  1/2 in. Trim Tape (36 yds)  $17.00 ea.
#0189  3/4 in. Trim Tape (36 yds)  $19.00 ea.

Handle Color (Metallic or Vinyl)
color color color color
color color color color color color color color color color



Knob Color
knob knob

End Color

1/2 in. Trim Tape Color
tape12 tape12

3/4 in. Trim Tape Color
tape34 tape34

Part one of Dustin's juggling trip around the world with his Euro clubs. Check out all the amazing scenery along the way. More of Dustin's videos on YouTube.

Learn how to redecorate your dual arc juggling club for years and years and years of juggling!

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