Juggling Balls

juggling balls

Juggling balls in a variety of materials for performance, stage, bouncing, and contact.

Juggling Clubs

juggling clubs

One piece and composite clubs in European and American Styles.



Diabolos for beginners and professionals.

Combo Juggling Sets

combo sets

Save when you buy a set -
includes instructional book or DVD.

Juggling Beanbags


Juggling beanbags in a variety of sizes and fabrics. Ideal for learning or teaching.

Juggling Knives

juggling knives

World standard for juggling knives. Classic scimitar design in stainless steel.

S-Staff / Buugeng


Lighted Balls

Lighted Balls

Poi & Meteor

poi spinning

Kite poi, Ball Poi, Sock Poi, Lighted Poi, Fire Poi, Meteors, and Lighted Meteors.

Contact Juggling Balls

contact juggling balls

Acrylic contact juggling balls in clear, translucent and solid colors. 4 sizes.

Devil Sticks

devil sticks

Devil Sticks made from hardwood decorated in variety of patterns, designs and colors.

Juggling Torches

juggling torches

Fire torches in hardwood for serious jugglers

Spinning Plates

spinning plates

Spinning plates in plastic and aluminum for beginning and serious juugglers.

Kevlar & Wicking

kevlar wicking

Kevlar wicking, cord, rope and thread for fire juggling and fire eating.

Fire Props


Kevlar wicking, cord, rope and thread, torches, poi, instructional books for fire juggling, fire eating and more.



Professional quality unicycles in three sizes for riders of all ages and skills.

Juggling Scarves

juggling scarves

Lightweight nylon scarves for learning and teaching the fundamentals of 3 object juggling.



Nylon bullwhips for whipcracking performance routines.

Cigar Boxes

cigar boxes

Cigar Boxes in polyethlyene and traditional wood construction.

Hat Juggling

hat juggling

Highest quality wool felt hats in various styles for juggling manipulation.

Juggling Rings

juggling rings

Durable, lightweight jugglng rings in a rainbow of colors.

Trick Ropes

trick ropes

All cotton trick ropes for western styled lariat routines.

Shaker Cups

shaker cups

New, all stainless shaker cups for nesting and manipulation routines.



Traditional Ribbons used for twirling routines by gymnasts and jugglers.

Rola Bolas

rola bolas

Rola Bola board sets for balancing and juggling routines.

Fire Staff

juggling staffs

Aluminum fire staff.



Flags for swinging in a choice of colors in China polysilk fabric.



Juggling themed T-shirts in various designs, all in 100% heavyweight cotton.

Carrying Bags

prop bags

Nylon drawstring prop and ball bags - a lightweight solution for carrying your juggling equipment.

Juggling DVDs

juggling dvds videos

Extensive Line of Juggling DVDs. Instructional, Performance and Documentary.

Juggling Books

juggling books

Books on every facet of juggling - instuctional and history.



The traditional Japanese skill toy with thousands of trick variations.

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