Delta Quicklink

Standard Quicklink

#13 Coupling

Twist Chain and #13 Ball Chain

Poi Straps & Hardware

Build, customize, modify or repair your own Poi with our full line of components.

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#2675  Quicklink-Standard    $0.95 ea.
#2676  Quicklink-Delta    $0.95 ea.
#2644  #13 Coupling    $0.50 ea. (Out of Stock)
#2640  #13 Ball Chain    $1.00 / ft.
#2647  Twist Chain    $2.50 / ft.

Quicklink-Standard Qty:
Quicklink-Delta Qty:
#13 Coupling Qty:
#13 Ball Chain Feet:
Twist Chain Feet:
Build, customize, modify or repair your own Poi with our full line of components.

Nylon Poi Straps

Our Poi straps are made from a soft, heavy duty nylon webbing. Choice of single or double loop strap. Double loop strap is designed for 2 finger use. Single loop can be used in many ways including a double finger wrap or as a wrist strap for safety. Each style is available with a D-Ring for standard Poi or with a Delta Quicklink for any Poi using ball chain - Fire Poi or standard Poi with ball chain.

Leather Poi Straps

These leather straps can be configured as single or double finger loop. The slotted design allows the double loop to be tightened against fingers. Made from a durable oil-tanned leather. Brass grommet - attach to any poi or fire poi. Instruction sheet included.

Quicklinks & Couplings

Quicklinks come in two styles - standard (oval) and delta (triangular). They attach to ball chain (via couplings) and connect to various poi components such as fire wicks. Couplings are available to attach chain to poi objects - one end snaps onto ball chain, the other has a hole for attaching links etc.


Stainless steel chain is available by the foot in two models: #13 Ball Chain (suitable for standard poi) and Twist Chain (for Fire Poi). We recommend 13 inches of #13 for one standard Poi and 18 inches of Twist Chain for Fire Poi. We will cut to length(s) at no additional charge.

Ball Chain Diameter (#13): 6.3 mm (0.25 in.)


Poi Spinning

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