Mime Spoken Here Vols 1 and 2: Tony Montanaro DVD

An early student of both Marcel Marceau and Marceau's teacher, Etienne Decroux, Tony Montanaro was one of the great masters and early fathers of mime. Tony taught his personal style of "physical eloquence" to thousands of students and other teachers for over 50 years - and not just to mimes. Actors, musicians, acrobats, clowns, storytellers, dancers, jugglers, magicians - all sought out Tony for his unique ability to turn individual talents into true and marketable theater. Tony founded the now legendary Celebration Barn in Maine, where he taught for 17 years, directing several touring companies and launching many careers. He toured nationally and internationally with his wife and partner, Karen, as the Montanaro-Hurll Theater of Mime and Dance.

"There are few who can perform and teach as brilliantly as he did, and fewer still who actually do it. His enlightened visual style and creative teaching techniques are an experience I would wish on anyone." - Brian Meehl of Mummenschanz and The Muppets

In this rare opportunity to observe an expert at work, Tony demonstrates numerous illusions and breaks them down step by-step. These instructional videos are a truly comprehensive, substantial work.

In Volume One, Illusions and Exercises, Tony breaks down in great detail the dynamics and mechanics of such classic illusions as the Tug-of-War, the Wall, the Rope Climb, Walking in Place, the String Puppet, the Robot, Stair Climbing, and Slow Motion. As he explains the techniques involved in each, Tony gives insight into how to bring the illusions to life. Throughout, Tony teaches with an emphasis on believability and justifying the illusion. With interactive menus to easily navigate to each illusion on exercise. Disc 1: 120 min. DVD

In Volume Two, Spontaneity and Invention, Tony is joined by professional performers - all former students - to demonstrate further the art of "eloquent gesture." Tony guides the troupe through a series of exercises designed to promote the understanding of process. The basic exercises include the Sun Salutation, Dead Body Rolls, Crescent, Ooze, Elephantine, Simian, Ooo!, Pan, Oompa-Oompa, The Cloud Walk, Turning, and the Waltz. The class progresses to exercises in spontaneity, advancing to Statuesque, Open Rounds, Group Rounds, Closed Rounds, Assembling, and Development. Jest in Time, a group of Tony's former students, perform a complete sketch, Handmade. With menus to easily navigate to each section and exercise.

Disc 2: 109 min. DVD

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