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Photo via RecordSetter

By Kyle Petersen

When you combine juggling and jogging, you get joggling. When you combine juggling and and triathlons, you get Joe Salter. Last month the avid juggler was recognized by RecordSetter as the first person to complete a triathlon while juggling. First, Joe managed to swim .25 miles while maintaining an over-the-head cascade pattern. Then, he cycled a distance of 16.2 miles while juggling two balls in one hand, steering with the other. Finally, Joe joggled 4 miles to complete the feet. Congratulations Joe, we salute you!

Co host Steve “TheGoHeads” Hogan and Richard “Reeses” Kohut talking about the Fountain of light project, Michael Karas actually juggling the Will Ferrell’s fake juggling scene tv show The Office, Excalibur Evolution with Matt Hall, Does watching juggling videos regularly along with practice double your ability?, and the Bungay Balls UP 2011 convention, and more hilarious banter.

Listen to more episodes of Jugglers on Juggling on Reeses’ website www.reeses2150.com/joj

By Kyle Petersen

It’s only natural to combine the circus arts with sports. Both require extreme competitiveness. Both require unbelievable physical dexterity, determination and focus. Here’s a peek at our favorite circus sports games:

Combat is a juggling fest classic. The rules are simple: everyone juggles and tries to knock the clubs out of their competitor’s hands. Last one still juggling wins. I haven’t played combat since Sean Blue nearly gave me a concussion…

Unicycle is a skill that lends itself to combination tricks. If people can juggle or jump rope on a unicycle, why not dribble a basketball? The Puerto Rico All-Stars Unicycle Basketball Team is one of the best in the world.

Volley club is a sport that has been increasing in popularity in recent years. The rules are similar to volleyball, but totally different. Instead of hitting a ball, competitors throw juggling clubs back and forth, all while maintaining a cascade pattern.

Do you have a favorite circus sport not mentioned above? Please, let us know about it!

By Kyle Petersen

We’ve all experienced it. Every now and then, we hit ourselves with a club, fall off a rola bola, or trip over our diabolo string. It happens to everyone. Usually, these embarrassing and sometimes painful moments last only an instant, and are only witnessed by a small group of people. Sometimes, however, these moments are captured on video. Here’s our top three juggling fails:

I once had a similar accident, and had a black-eye for a week.

The rider was unscathed. I wish I could say the same about the escalator

The horror, the horror!

Please feel free to send us your funniest or more embarrassing juggling moments.

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