By Kyle Petersen

Brian and Lucky

Brian and Lucky, Separated at birth?

As an icon in the juggling community since the 1970s, Brian Dubé has received hundreds of correspondences over the years. Most of these letters have been from others within the juggling community: fans, friends, well-wishers, critics and complainers. Occasionally, however, the letters he receives are due to a case of mistaken identity.

Lucky Dube (1964-2007) was a South African reggae music legend who produced more than 20 records over his career which spanned three decades. Although we don’t know for sure, we are pretty sure he was not a juggler. He was, however, beloved by fans throughout the African continent and beyond.

One such fan, a boy named George from Ghana, sent a touching letter to Lucky Dube. However, in a case of mistaken identity, the letter ended up not in the hands of a reggae master but in the hands of a juggling equipment maker:

Dear Raggae Master,

I am very pleasure to write you this letter. I believe as I am writing to you you are fine by the grace of “JAH”.

The main point of this letter is to encourage you and also ple begging you to send me Raggae CD. (Cassette DVD).

I am a boy of twelve (12) years and I like music. My favorate mis music is Raggae business (LUKY DUBE song). Anytime I heard your song I became happy due to the way you song sing, the way you present the words.

I have meet and like many songs, but your’s is different. Please raggar master I need C.D. cassette to hear more from you or to learn more from you. I know by the grace name of JAH, you will bring.




As of right now, Brian is not considering a career in reggae music.

Copy of the letter, as received

  • Mary P.

    And that poor kid wonders why he never received an answer! Fate is like that.
    Very industrious of him to get your address in such detail. Did you send him a juggling equipment catalog?
    You have a keepsake there for sure.

  • pete rose jr.

    He could have at least sent him a Dubé juggling catalogue!

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