By Kyle Petersen

Western Puerto Rico: unicycle hotspot

In a town called Aguada, far away from the tourist districts of San Juan, exists one of the strongest and most vibrant communities of unicyclists in the world. Aguada is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico, close to another town, Isabela, which is famous for its tremendous unicycle basketball team. Because Isabela is only 30 minutes from Aguada, it’s fair to say that western Puerto Rico is one of the biggest unicycle hotspots in the world.

Aguada is home the Bicicleteros de Aguada, a group of BMX bicyclists from the 1970s and ’80s who also embraced unicycle. One member, a man named Cesar, continued unicycling after the Bicicleteros disbanded. His love of monowheeling has led him to form clinics in his hometown of Aguada to teach the local children how to correr monociclo (ride unicycle). There aren’t any statistics to prove this, but Aguada must have one of the highest percentages of children that can unicycle in the world. Below, you can watch myself leading a group of children unicycling in a circle:

Isabela, to the north east, is the home of one of the best unicycle basketball teams in the world. The group, headed by Carlos Medina, is recognized as a force in the sport of unicycle basketball. Below, you can watch the team in action:

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