by Naomi Donabedian

4-sided cardboard juggling club pattern to be wrapped ovre a broom stick.

We know the price of perfectly engineered and balanced juggling clubs can seem high. Like power tools, duct tape, tennis balls and washers? Really into the DIY channel,, and Make Zine? Snowed in with time on your hands? Us too!! We think there’s a well of knowledge in building your own equipment and perfecting the weight and size to your own juggling style. You can build practically everything we sell from scratch or objects around the home.

How to Make Juggling Balls (tennis balls and balloon style)

Online tutorials

“Green Clubs” made from Tennis ball and Soda Bottle on Wiki How. Or download a PDF from the Green Club Project’s website.

Newspaper juggling clubs on Instructables

Rag Juggling Balls on Maya Made.

Otedama Japanese beanbags on Things That Make Us Happy Make Us Wise.

No sew beanbags on EHow.

Juggling Rubber Chickens from FuzzCo, hilarious!

How to build a juggling torch on Instructables.

Cigar Boxes also on Instructables. Plus, they stole an image from our website as the “final goal.” Please don’t take images without our permission, and if you do at least give us some credit.

Upgrade to two-color or color changing juggling rings video tutorial on YouTube.

Devil Stick video tutorial on YouTube.

How to Make a Juggling Pin (ed. note we prefer juggling club!) on a Lathe

Some of these projects are for the experienced wood worker. Please be careful when using any power tools. Wear protection and remember what your shop teacher told you, usually something about not letting loose hair near the lathe or blammo there goes your scalp.

Successfully make some juggling props at home? Email us pictures, info at dube dot com, or put them up on our Facebook wall.

  • Adam

    I would also say that homemade russians are a viable alternative, and the preferred juggling ball of many who have also tried professionally made beanbags or stage balls. Is a great tutorial on the subject.

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