By Kyle Petersen

It’s happened to all of us. If you’re reading this blog, then at one point, someone has called you a clown. Maybe it’s because of your habit of juggling during your lunch break. Maybe it’s because you ride your unicycle to work. Maybe it’s because your ringtone is “Entry of the Gladiators”. Someone has called you a clown, maybe even today.

Many accept it with a shrug. Others take it as a compliment. Some of us take serious offense. Alex on Facebook writes:

I’m terrified of clowns and therefore juggle in a tux. I cringe when people say I should go to the circus…

New York Juggler Paris (no last name), had the following to say:

As a juggler I respect clowns. We just want to be recognized for all our hard work. Police officers and firefighters have mutual respect but I imagine that a cop would be annoyed if you confuse him with a firefighter.

Keith Nelson, however, has a different perspective. Keith works as a clown and a juggler (among many other things), and was kind enough to share his point of view:

Just because someone can juggle does not mean they are a clown. Clowning takes years of pain and suffering in order to understand the inner workings of human nature, where as a juggler simply has to throw stuff in the air for fun, pleasure, and possibly a living.

Juggling takes practice, clowning takes living and suffering.

We want your opinion on the issue. Leave a comment below!

  • Anthony Attinello

    I agree with Paris. After working with clowns for the past year I definitely have more respect for them and their art. I did not know how much work and time went into it. Some jugglers are funny and some clowns can juggle. However, as a juggler I do not want to be associated with something that I am not. After juggling for 8 years I know that most of the general public has no idea what a clown or juggler actually is so I just politely tell them the difference if I have the time.

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