By Kyle Petersen

The term “juggling” gets “thrown” around a lot (no pun intended). A simple Google search of the word nets results ranging from the world of politics (Obama’s juggling act in the Middle East), sports (The Yankees are juggling their lineup) and romance (Juggling family, work and love). As a concept, juggling has essentially been reduced to an ill-fitting metaphor describing someone who multi tasks.

The concept of juggling has been so overused as a metaphor this day in age that it has basically been rendered meaningless. Recently, a friend told me that he was juggling two different women. I told him that he wasn’t actually juggling, as you need at least three for it to qualify. He told me to lighten up, it’s just an expression. We’re no longer friends.

Enough is enough. We as jugglers must stand up and speak with a common voice: No to inappropriate juggling metaphors. They dilute us as a people, denigrate our art form and threaten the fiber of our very existence.

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