By Kyle Petersen

Baseball is “America’s pastime”. Soccer is known as the “beautiful sport”. Boxing is “the sweet science”. Unicycle football? Well, unicycle football is pretty much THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER.

Founded in 1998, the San Marcos, Texas-based Unicycle Football League is sweeping… the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area. Unicycle football is similar to American football, with the obvious exception that all the players are on unicycles. The UFL consists of six teams: The Berzerkers, the Gnarwhals, the Hot Dogs, the Unicychos, the Ill Eagles and Hell on Wheel. The league features a number of local sponsors, a detailed rule book, and a annual championship game known as The Stupor Bowl. Below, you can watch the local news broadcast coverage of the league.

Unicycle football hikes into Central TX:

  • K-li Westhaver

    GENIUS! i wanna play ahaha XD

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