By Kyle Petersen

Congratulations! You’ve gotten a date. The dating scene can be rough for today’s juggler, but have no fear. Dubé Juggling Blog is here with romantic dos and don’ts for the dashing juggler on the go:

Via Flickr from Rem-Zel

-Explaining siteswaps is a great icebreaker.

-Juggling helps you relax in high-pressure situations. Make sure to get a good run of five-ball cascade in before attempting a kiss goodnight.

-Impress your date with stories about how many romantic partners you’ve juggled in the past.

-Spontaneity is an attractive feature. Surprise your date by standing on the dinner table and juggling breadsticks while singing the theme to The Bodyguard.

-Anytime anything happens, find some way to relate it to juggling.

-Reassure your date that, despite the fact you ride a unicycle, all of your downstairs parts are in working order.

-Most people are more comfortable in the company of friends. Take your date to the local renaissance festival or freak show so they can see you in your element.

-Methodically listing every festival you’ve ever been to is great way to kill an hour between dinner and a movie.

-Be sure to wear juggling-related t-shirts, so your date knows you’re for real and not just faking it.

-Always balance a barstool on your chin as soon as you walk into any bar.

-Don’t mention that you’re a juggler until the 6th or 7th date.

  • Richard Hartnell

    Since all the time you spend with your props will inevitably guarantee you’re only able to date other jugglers, I approve of all these dating tips :)

  • Cindy Marvell

    How about joining a road show run by an ex-Ringling clown?

  • Adria Moskowitz-McNamara (m&m)

    Jugglers get dates?

  • Adria Moskowitz-McNamara (m&m)

    I had to get married to guarantee getting dates!

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