The following is a fairly comprehensive list of upcoming juggling conventions in the USA. Let us know if you’re planning on attending any of these festivals, or if we’ve left anything out!

30th April – 2nd May, 2010 The Little Apple Juggling Festival, Manhattan, KS.
1st May, 2010 University of Arkansas Dayfest and Juggling Show, Fayetteville, AR.
7th – 9th May, 2010 Congress of Jugglers 2010, College Park, MD.
14th – 16th May, 2010 Santa Cruz Juggling and Circus Arts Festival, Santa Cruz, CA.
15th May, 2010 Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival, Ann Arbor, MI.
4th – 6th June, 2010 Flatland Juggling Festival, Omaha, NE.
18th – 20th June 2010 Boulder Juggling Festival, Boulder, CO.
19th June, 2010 WJD in Monroe, Veterans Park, Monroe, MI.
9th – 11th July, 2010 Berkeley Juggling and Unicycling Festival, Berkeley, CA.
21st – 25th July, 2010 WJF 6, Riviera Hotel Las Vegas, NV.
24th July, 2010 2010 Christian Jugglers’ Association Free Convention, Lenoir City, TN.
26th – 31st July, 2010 63rd Annual IJA Jugglers’ Festival, Sparks, NV.
13th – 15th August, 2010 Cascade Jugglers’ Festival, Renton, WA.
3rd – 5th September, 2010 NYC Unicycle Festival, New York, NY.
1st – 3rd October, 2010 Kansas City Juggling Festival, Kansas City, MO.
2nd – 3rd October, 2010 Philly Fest 2010, Philadelphia, PA.

Thanks to the Internet Juggling Database.

  • MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!

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