By Kyle Petersen

Photo by Rem-Zel

Juggling Love

Remember the first time you fell in love? You had been waiting for weeks for the moment when suddenly the doorbell rings. You rush to the door and see a tall, handsome man. He smiles and says “special delivery”. The moment you had been waiting for was finally here; your new Dubé juggling clubs had arrived.

We recently asked our Facebook followers about their first Dubé experience. We received a flurry of responses, here are some of our favorites:

MJ: I got a set of 5 stage balls and a set of European juggling clubs in the early 90s, when I was in high school.

RP: Euro clubs in the mid-eighties. Ah, fond memories of the early days…

CAR: Hideous 8-panel neon squosh balls…that I thought were SO COOL in 2000.

DG: The american style clubs,white with silver very early 80’s. They lasted hundreds, hundreds of shows. a dozen moves and finally got a crack after 100 sidewalk drops in 2008.

JW: One order: 9 classic American clubs, devil stick, 9 ABS rings, and some other stuff (torches?). The year was 1980, 8th grade. I ran to the mailbox every day for 12 weeks before those beauties showed up!

RC: All the folks I juggled with had their props for years… many of them would have had them from the late 70s — that is mostly why I went with Dubé over all the other options, yours had the best feel overall, and they hold up to use for years to come!

JDM: I got some Dube clubs in the late 70’s. I still have ’em although they have been gathering dust for a long time. Wait, I think my ex wife got them in the settlement.

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