By Kyle Petersen


Grandma had a problem. No not my grandma. Not anyone’s grandma, really. We’re talking about Barry Lubin, the man behind the legendary Grandma the Clown character. The renowned and  award-winning circus clown uses a giant hula hoop in his act. While great for comedy, giant hula hoops have their drawbacks; namely, their size. A 6-foot diameter hula hoop requires 19 feet of tubing. As you can imagine, this makes travel nearly impossible. Because of this, Barry would construct a brand-new hoop in every city he worked in. Upon leaving that city, he would simply throw the hoop away.

Barry called us asking for help. He heard about our collapsible hula hoops and wanted to know if we could make one for him. We told him that we could but Barry wasn’t going to take our word for it. He wanted to see the hoop in action to make sure it worked the way we said it did. No problem, we told him. We simply turned on our webcam and demonstrated our 6-foot hula hoop for him live via our Ustream account. After seeing it in action, Barry was satisfied that he had found a collapsible  6-foot hoop that would work for him. We sent it to him the very next day.

Do you need a unique or customized circus prop? Don’t be afraid to ask. We might not be able to make it for you but we can definitely try!

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