Our newest product

Love unicycling but tired of leaving your infant child unattended while your ride? Now, there’s a solution! Dubé Juggling is proud to announce our newest product, the Uni-Baby Carrier! Now you can strap your newborn to your one-wheeler and enjoy some serious child-parent bonding. Whether you’re riding at the skate park or taking it off road, the Uni-Baby Carrier is the perfect product for the juggling parent on the run!

Just $89.95. Click here to order!

  • Tobi Reif

    Nice April fools’ !

  • Dan Mac

    Are helmets mandatory for the baby?

  • Judy Finelli

    it was funny, I have to admit. Although also a way to get into trouble!

  • Debra Emerson

    Only if I had one when you were a baby! I wasted a lot of money on child care.

  • http://www.cosyplay.co.uk/baby_play_mats.html baby play mats

    For hot weather, the coolest options are carriers made of cotton or mesh. Check the thickness of the fabric: although cooler, thin fabrics may not be as durable, and are more likely to cut into your or baby’s flesh. 

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