By Kyle Petersen

In a recent post on Facebook, I asked the question: If you could create the ultimate juggling prop, what would it be? Anti-gravity juggling balls? A hover rola bola? Lazer-guided throwing knives?

The question resulted in a flurry of responses, ranging from possible to impossible, practical to impractical. Here’s a sample of our favorite responses:

Sean J: How about a static cling contact juggling device? It would have to be round. It would operate on similar principals to rubbing a balloon on your head.. We may have to recharge it from time to time. Though I like this idea of an under-elbow-stall!
We’re not sure if that possible, but you can always contact juggling while suspended from your feet!
Emily L: I think it would be cool if there was a prop that made different sounds so that as you were juggling it would make different rhythms for different tricks. It would add a new dimension.
This is a great concept. You could always fill the balls with different material so they make different sounds when juggled (think of the rhythm Russian balls make). What would be really cool is inserting some sort of computer chip into the balls, and have the balls programed to make different sounds when thrown at different heights or different angles. Though this seems possible, it would take a lot of creativity and technological know-how.
Kit S: A unicycle that you can ride sideways.
As far as we know, there actually is a unicycle that you can ride sideways, though it may not be the most practical mode of one-wheeled transportation.

Creative people are always pushing the envelope by creating new and innovative juggling props. It wasn’t too long ago that LED lighted juggling balls seemed like a fantasy. Now they’re a standard prop. We’d love to hear your ideas, please let us know!

  • Alex Trendler

    When are you guys going to have russian balls? in december i heard that it would be a month or two. i love russian balls, but i like to keep my business local with you guys since i know everything you make is quality and my money goes to not only jugglers, but also new yorkers.
    you already have ‘filled stage balls’ in the form of your LED balls. just make some that don’t light up and charge less. colors would be nice, and bigger sizes. but my dream prop is something that already exists, i just want to get it from you.

  • Sean jinjami

    hey Dube!
    I actually have sEEn this item but want to know if you can find it again. (because I failed at getting it the first time)
    HAVE you ever sEEn a 2 dimentional object INSIDE a standard acrylic ball?
    (my first glimpses were a pink lightning bolt and a yellow teddy bear.) i didnt actually want those at the time but since then I have not been able to find anything like it at all!.
    even now, a pink lightning bolt would be cooler than not.

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