Parody of the Fushigi Ball by Brian Dubé

About Fishigi

Rather than develop a truly innovative product or genuinely improve on an old one, we have co-opted contact juggling, made cosmetic changes to the ball, repackaged and branded the whole thing. To excite the customer, we have videos of highly skilled jugglers demonstrating illusions in a way that make the product look self working. So much so, that caveats are needed in the FAQ.

To patronize the truly outraged in the CJ community, we have buried credit to Michael Moschen’s work at the end of our FAQ.

Can any one do this?


Tell me more about Fishigi and why its different from anything else?

We describe the “lense” effect, spelling the the word “lens” as “lense.”

How is this ball different from other acrylic balls?

Most acrylic balls are manufactured in the same factories in China. So we have manufactured the Fishigi as two balls in one – a standard outer acrylic ball and an inner reflective ball for marketing purposes.

What size Fishigi should I buy?

It doesn’t really matter since your frustration will outstrip your patience. Your ball will soon join other unused products in the back of your closet.

What are the minis for?

Since discouragement defines the contact juggling experience, smaller balls are easier to pocket or put away.

What do I do if my Fishigi gets scratched?

Do not worry. In a world oversaturated with contact jugglers, no one will be watching you.

Does Fishigi actually float on its own?

No, but asking that demonstrates how effectively misleading our home page is :)

What is contact juggling?

Contact Juggling (also known as Useless Manipulation, Here and There Play, Bore Rolling, Hysterical balancing, Nofishigi etc. The art form was created by Michael Moschen in the early 1980s and aped ad nauseum since that time.

This is a joke!

  • Russ Sharek

    Wonderful parody of something that desperately cries out for mockery.

    Bravo, Brian. :)

  • Ellie Larsen

    Loved the article. I only speak & read American English and a little Elizabethan English and Scottish fractured English, I don’t know any other language or spellings for Lens. Is “lense” a French or Spanish or Asian spelling to make the crap ball seem exotic or dare I say erotic?
    No matter how it is spelled they failed big time. Loved the way the talk down to potential customers with their video too.
    Great job Brian.

  • Cannonball James

    AWESOME!!! If only it weren’t so steeped in truth… it would be even funnier. If no one has yet, I will be linking this on the forums.

  • Sir_RieL Green

    This is hilarious.

    I love it.

  • Ryan Mellors

    thank you for this.
    *ahem* *ahem*
    more senseless parody.

  • Brian Maneely

    This is great! Terrific work- Lets hope more see this

  • Sage

    Hilarious and Well Said!! LOL

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