by Naomi Donabedian

Brian Dube has been in business since 1975. The current store/office/warehouse/manufacturing/shipping mecca on 520 Broadway has been home to Dube Juggling and now Troo Hoops since the 90’s. Time enough to find lots of great juggling relics and office-stuff-ola that make for a pretty fun atmosphere to work and be around. Here are some shots of my favorite micro moments around the office. Note: I didn’t even touch the files, which are filled with more great history of the company and juggling in America and beyond.

Brian Dube's bookcase contains years of books about juggling, manipulation, and circus, including old versions of our own books.

All the desks in the office are decked with toys, samples, and odds ends of balls. I like to bounce balls when I'm thinking, which I imagine drives the neighbors bonkers.

The office may not employ the best jugglers but we are experts at balancing.

Defying gravity

Candy Drawer

The candy drawer is the highlight of everyone's day. Reasons: sugar and the styrofoam head.

Brian's magic carpet

A designer's dream cabinet of programs and my favorite multiple sets of pantone swatches and books

Clipboard fortune

It's nice to get the cliches out of the way when you work at a juggling equipment company. We've heard them all, but this fortune does say it nicely.

The Asteroids arcade game is an original. Brian bought it in the 1980's after he found his friends addicted. The machine used to inhabit the first Dube office on Park Place where Michael Moschen, Fred Garbo, and Bob Berky used to play it. The last time I can remember it being turned on was when "Get the Shoe" visited in 2008.

A poster dating back to the early 80's. Before Dube Juggling printed a catalog this poster would be folded up and sent out with brochures and price lists. Now the poster decorates our bathroom.

Its always a party in the back where production and assembly happens. This banner has been hanging up for at least 5 years.

Production people come and go, but they all like to ROCK! I'm a little jealous that the workers in the back get to play music aloud while they assemble your juggling equipment.

  • Soo-Z Hoops

    what fun to get an peek @ the “inside”… how much are the magic carpets?

    for “micro tour of dube juggling office volume II”, might you also include a shot of the crew?

    see you soon! :)

  • Naomi

    Its funny I noticed that afterwards, no staff. We are all pretty camera shy, which is different from our clientele of performers and general show-offs.

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