By Kyle Petersen


Hyoga the Juggling Dragon

In a recent blog post entitled “Turning Japanese“, we featured some of the most far-out and insane juggling acts to come out of the island nation of Japan. One of the acts featured was Hyoga, a large, yellow dragon who juggles everything from balls to devil sticks. Hyoga is closely associated with another well-known juggler, Japanese cigar box master Ryuhan. Because Ryuhan is a friend of the store, we contacted him to arrange an interview with Hyoga.

Kyle Petersen: Where are you from?

Hyoga: I’m from the island called Seika which does not exist in this world. I don’t know why I’m here, maybe my friend magician failed his magic test of warp.

Kyle: I hate it when that happens. What type of creature are you? Dinosaur, dragon, reptile?

Hyoga: I’m yellow dragon. The audience says “Oh, Pokemon!” so often, but it’s not true! I tell them, “I’m a dragon!”

Kyle: To be fair, you do kinda look like a Pokemon, though we’re not really sure what a Pokemon is to begin with anyway. How did you learn to juggle? Who taught you?

Hyoga: In Seika, I was working as dragon of a dragon rider, but Seika became boring. So started studying juggling by myself. After I came to this world, I studied with Ryuhan. I mimicked Ryuhan and the other jugglers. In these days, I learn by watching youtube! I respect humans because there are so many good jugglers!”

Kyle: We agree, humans tend to be the best jugglers. What is your favorite object to juggle? Cigar box, devil stick, diabolo, balls?

Hyoga: My favorite object to juggle is balls, because I can do it everywhere. Ryuhan is good cigar box juggler, so I like it, too. Also, I like clubs because I can do passing with the human juggler. I like diabolo, devil stick, too… After all, I like every object!

Kyle: Are you married? Is there a Mrs. Hyoga?

Hyoga: Well… I have girlfriend, but not married yet. Her name is Magma. By the way, Hyoga means glacier in Japanese. Our names are related flowing objects!

Kyle: We would love to see the two of you pass clubs someday. We think Ryuhan is a pretty good juggler. Are you friends with Ryuhan? What is he like?

Hyoga: Yes, Ryuhan is one of my friends. I’m living with him now. He is a good juggler, but every day he goes to the job (He is not a professional juggler) and after the job, he plays video games. I think he become better juggler if he practice more hard. By the way, when I perform in the show, every time I can’t find Ryuhan! Why doesn’t he come to see my show?

Kyle: We’re sure he’ll come to your show soon, he’s probably just busy! Thank you for your time Hyoga, and thank you Ryuhan for setting up this very special interview.

Hyoga: You are welcome!

Watch Hyoga in action below:

  • Cindy Marvell

    Whoa-wait till Theo sees this!!!
    He’s making a “scary dragon” costume for the next Lazer Vaudeville show (near Rockland NY). Maybe we will get some gigs in Japan.

  • Rodney D

    Dube Juggling blog, you are really cracking some real cases wide open. Great journalism.

  • Dube Juggling

    Thanks Rodney, we agree! It is time someone has brought the truth about the yellow dragon who juggles to light.

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